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At Dee’s Dandy Doodles we take pride in bringing you only the healthiest and happiest Goldendoodles.  We are a small, elite family breeder; not a puppy mill or a “backyard breeder.”  Our puppy parents are treasured family pets and each was carefully selected for its genetic qualities of health, temperament, intelligence, and coloring.  Every puppy from Dee’s Dandy Doodles begins life in a loving family environment where they are nurtured, cuddled, loved, trained, and given top-notch health care. Our puppies are the result of Mother Nature’s time-proven miracle, blended with modern animal husbandry.  Our Goldendoodle puppies come to you unaltered, the way nature intended, but with every advantage known to improve the level of health and ability to thrive.  Our business is founded on the concepts of integrity, fair pricing, ongoing/lifetime support, and a commitment to educating the public regarding the amazing traits of the Goldendoodle breed.   

We invite you to wander through our website and contact us if you have any questions.  We look forward to earning the opportunity to demonstrate why Dee’s Dandy Doodles is your very best GOLDENDOODLE   ADOPTION   OPTION!

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