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Dee's Dandy Doodles

We are a BIG family, but a small, elite family breeding business.  We began breeding Goldendoodles several years ago because we truly enjoy the poodle and golden retriever breeds, and we passionately love the unique combination of traits when these two breeds combine to create a Goldendoodle.  We have been tremendously blessed by the companionship and therapeutic value they bring to our lives, and want to share this joy with others as well!

Dee is a full-time registered nurse and works closely with our veterinarian to keep our pets in top-notch health.  The entire family assists with daily care, love, snuggles, socialization, etc!

Why a Goldendoodle?

Dees Dandy Doodles

                   WHY ARE WE SO PASSIONATE                                             ABOUT GOLDENDOODLES?                                                Because we’re passionate about                                             Golden Retrievers and Poodles!

These two breeds are always on the AKC’s top ten popular breeds in America! What we love most is the mellow, tolerant personality of the golden retriever, the non-shed, hypoallergenic qualities of the poodle, how intelligent, loyal and trainable both breeds are, and how their coats look individually.  When you combine these characteristics… WOW!  You get the magnificent Goldendoodle!

Your best adoption option!

Our goal is to assist you in making your Goldendoodle adoption a joyful, rewarding event!  Before adopting a puppy, we ask that you give extensive consideration to the concepts listed below.  We invite you to our blog for a detailed discussion on each concept to assist you in your consideration.  Please take advantage of this and thoroughly consider the ramifications of adopting a pet into your life!                                                 

*Health of the Puppy & Commitment expectations: These two concepts must be the absolute top priorities! 

*Personality fit between owner and doodle

*Conformation to points of breed characteristics

*Gender considerations

*Color considerations

*Cost considerations

Again, we strongly encourage you to visit our blog, which is our “Doodle University.”  Here you can explore many different topics which will prepare you to provide the very best home environment for your new Goldendoodle family member!