Before you consider adopting any puppy, there are many issues that you should take the time to consider.

*COMMITMENT: The importance of your commitment when adopting a puppy must be at the same level as that of the health of the puppy!  A puppy is a living creature that requires a considerable amount of love, dedication and care over the course of its lifespan.  Consideration of issues such as vet fees and healthcare, training, playing, exercise, aging, living space, dogsitting when needed, are all issues that should be considered and explored prior to adoption.  Please do not invite one of our beautiful Goldendoodles into your life if you are not prepared to meet his or her care needs.  Ask yourself the following:

Can I afford the day-to-day expenses of my Goldendoodle such as dog food?

Will I be able to keep up with basic health care including standard immunizations?

Will I meet his needs for bathing and grooming personally, or do I have the resources to hire this to be professionally done?

What will I do with my Goldendoodle if I have to be gone for longer than I can safely leave him in his kennel?  Will I take him on vacation with me or will I make arrangements for dog-sitting/boarding?

If I want a well-behaved dog, am I prepared to spend the time and consistency to train her?  Will I make arrangements for her to receive professional training?

Do I have sufficient time to provide human love and interaction?  Do I have enough space for her to run, play and get exercise, or will I be able to take her for a daily walk or run?

Will my Goldendoodle be an inside pet or an outside pet?  Will I be able to provide appropriate shelter/protection from the elements of cold, heat, rain, snow, etc.?

How will I address the issues of reproduction?  Will I ensure my pet is not exposed to other non-fixed dogs or will I invest the money to have my doodle spayed or neutered?

Please remember that if your circumstances change at some point after adopting one of our precious Goldendoodles, and you are no longer able to care for its needs, please return him to us or make arrangements for him to go to a loving caring environment.

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