Before you consider adopting any puppy, there are many issues that you should take the time to consider.

*CONFORMATION:  This refers to the specific and unique qualities that define a dog breed, separating it from other dog breeds.  Most noticeably in the Goldendoodle, it is a broad/blunt, blocky snout, a beautiful coat that is a good mix of the retriever and the poodle, including a coat that sheds less and is more hypoallergenic than the retriever, a tail that is never docked, and grows to be a lovely trademark characteristic, as well as personality characteristics, such as being calm, tolerant and less yappy than the poodle.

For many individuals conformation is not a big deal.  This is really more an issue that “dog snobs” refer to regarding show dogs.  However, it still is something we prefer to educate on.  Also, the fact of the matter is that though the Goldendoodle has a trademark look that many prefer, there will always be individuals that love the look of the retriever but want some of the mixed breed characteristics, or conversely prefer the poodle look but desire some of the mixed breed characteristics.  Because a Goldendoodle is a combination of poodle and golden retriever, occasionally a puppy will more predominantly favor the poodle characteristics, or occasionally we have one that more predominantly favors the retriever characteristics.  None of these presentations is bad, and every puppy is unique and will capture someone’s heart! 

Please remember that if your circumstances change at some point after adopting one of our precious Goldendoodles, and you are no longer able to care for its needs, please return him to us or make arrangements for him to go to a loving caring environment.

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