Before you consider adopting any puppy, there are many issues that you should take the time to consider.

SIZE MATTERS!!  To whom, you might ask?  The answer is…to YOU!!!  This is strictly a matter of personal preference, but one you should consider PRIOR to bringing home a puppy that may grow to be 80+ pounds!!  A full-size standard Goldendoodle can get at least that big, or bigger.   Mind you, I’m not saying that is a bad thing, it’s just A LOT of Doodle to love and care for!  Our Goldendoodles are considered mid-size; between 35-55 lbs, which makes for a more manageable furry friend! We believe this to be the absolute primo sized Doodle.  They are big enough to not get stepped on, injured easily, etc. as a tiny dog may, and are big enough to go on long outdoor outings, etc.  They are small enough to lend themselves to living in any size home, apartment, mobile, etc.  JUST PERFECT! 

Be sure to give size some consideration before adopting blindly and ending up with more Doodle than you can manage! 

Please remember that if your circumstances change at some point after adopting one of our precious Goldendoodles, and you are no longer able to care for its needs, please return him to us or make arrangements for him to go to a loving and caring environment.

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