Top 10 reasons to love a Goldendoodle…

Top 10 reasons to love a Goldendoodle…

#1: Low-to-no-shed / Hypoallergenic

Goldendoodles are generally little-to-no-shed and hypoallergenic (minimal dander), which is enough by itself to make them the perfect dog in our opinion. Keep in mind that if you want a non-shedding Goldendoodle, you must find one that is from an F1B generation litter. This means that one parent was a full bred poodle, while the other was a Goldendoodle.

#2: Highly Intelligent

Poodles consistently rank as one of the most intelligent dog breeds, while Golden Retrievers are also recognized as above average in terms of intelligence. As a result, Goldendoodles are remarkably smart dogs. This makes training a breeze, so even the most inexperienced dog owner can easily house train a Goldendoodle.

#3: Great with Kids

Goldendoodles get their lovable personality from the Golden Retriever, which is widely regarded as an excellent family dog. Goldendoodles are remarkably non-aggressive and make great dogs for families with young children.

#4: Hybrid Vigor

Goldendoodles are known to benefit from the phenomenon of “hybrid vigor,” which is a beneficial side effect of cross-breeding. While full-bred dogs are known to suffer from a variety of disorders as a result of generations of inbreeding, Goldendoodles have a much lower incidence of these disorders thanks to the genetic diversity of Poodles and Golden Retrievers.  As a result, conditions such as hip dysplasia and arthritis are less common in Goldendoodles than other dogs of similar size.

#5: Love Swimming

Poodles are renown swimmers, and as a result, Goldendoodles love swimming. If you take a Goldendoodle to the beach, you can count on him or her enjoying the water just as much as the other beachgoers.

#6: Absolutely Adorable

It’s fair to say that nothing on earth is as cute as a Goldendoodle puppy.   The grown-ups are dang cute, too!

#7: Qualified Service Dogs

Goldendoodles were originally bred as service dogs, and therefore have everything it takes to serve as a service animal for disabled adults and children alike.

#8: Did We Say Non-Shedding?

Seriously, once you go non-shedding, you’ll never go back. If you love the dopey and fun-loving personality of a Golden Retriever but hate the shedding, then the Goldendoodle is the perfect dog for you.

#9: Fierce Bark, No Bite

Goldendoodles are full-sized dogs and pack a very intimidating bark. This is great if you want the reassurance of a scary sounding dog around the house to keep strangers and evil-doers away, but don’t actually want an aggressive dog that you have to be worried about around kids and visitors. Goldendoodles are exceptionally non-aggressive and would probably just lick an intruder if he actually had the gumption to enter your home, but they do make fairly good watchdogs with their large size and loud bark.

#10: Celebrities Love Them

Did you know that Usher, Jennifer Aniston and Tiger Woods own Goldendoodles?